28-30 August 2022 | RDS Main Hall

O'Rourke Art/ Iconic Ireland

Stand No.: Y13

Maura has originality that defines her work as an Irish Painter. The vivid pictorial impressions she creates of landscapes are spiritual and connected to nature.

The wedding church at Guaganbarra famous and special as a wedding venue. Many other collections continue to celebrate Irish life with our welcoming refreshing outlook on life.

A Place in the Choir: This is a new collection of paintings by Maura O’Rourke from a recent exhibition in Louisville Kentucky. Modern outlooks are often slanted depending on where one is standing.

Ancient Celtic Trees and Druidic Birth Signs is a beautiful collection inspired by the spiritual connection our ancestors had to nature. Visions of Ireland illustrates rural life. Classical landscapes that have a feel of the wind or brooding weather.




T: 01 872 368 634
E: maura@iconicireland.ie