28-30 August 2022 | RDS Main Hall

12 Quail Farm - Soap Studio

Stand No.: Y58

12 Quail Farm is a family run farm, in the heart of the Leitrim countryside. We supply Quail Eggs to Shops and Restaurants around Ireland.

The Soap Studio grew from our love of creativity and natural products. We use Donkeys Milk to create totally unique and distinctive Handmade Soaps.

Our Donkey Milk Soaps take the form of small sculptures. They make great gifts but are also very practical, being soft and nourishing on the skin.

Queen Cleopatra herself famously kept 700 donkeys so she could bathe in their milk as a natural moisturiser and exfoliator!



T: (089) 471 1565
E: SoapStudio@12QuailFarm.com