18th -21st August 2019 CITYWEST EVENT CENTRE
Sun-Tue: 10am-6pm | Wed: 10am-3pm
18th -21st August 2019 CITYWEST EVENT CENTRE
Sun-Tue: 10am-6pm | Wed: 10am-3pm



Art by Maura O ‘Rourke is unique and original in its design and production. Representing Ireland with its colourful history and traditions in a modern format.

Maura puts her heart and soul in to her work taking time to study and engage with her subject.
Island Life and Traditions is an example of how Maura depicts the local life style that continues to exist in many rural areas around Ireland. Family traditions, farming, fishing, going to the local pub, visiting neighbours and friends.
Timeless Ireland takes a different view oh how times are changing but our open friendliness and character still remains.

Two years ago the Maritime Museum asked Maura to paint the Famous Leinster which was sunk outside of Dun Laoghaire Harbour 100 years ago in 10th October 1918 . Two paintings one in the camouflage war colours and the other the original ship RMS Leinster were painted.  Prints are available in different sizes.
The newest animal collection entitled the Alexandra Collection is amazing, colourful and engaging. Suitable for children’s bedrooms, play schools and schools. We will have special offers on this collection at the show.

Maura will be delighted to meet you and talk you through the different collections. All of the work is guaranteed Irish, painted by Maura in her studio in Oldtown, Co. Dublin.
All of the prints are produced in Ireland with care and attention to detail. These presentation prints are memories of Ireland to take home, keepsakes or presents to family and friends.


Dublin Road,

T: +353 (0)87 236 8634
E: artistmorourke@gmail.com
W: www.iconicireland.ie