19th -22nd August 2018 CITYWEST EVENT CENTRE
Sun-Tue: 10am-6pm | Wed: 10am-3pm
19th -22nd August 2018 CITYWEST EVENT CENTRE
Sun-Tue: 10am-6pm | Wed: 10am-3pm

Kirkwood Group & Newgrange Living where ‘customer is king’

While acknowledging that the industry still faces numerous challenges, David Carroll of Kirkwood Group is not merely optimistic but genuinely confident that the new collections coming on stream from Kirkwood Group — under the Newgrange Living and Grange Collections — will deliver increased sales for its retail trading partners.

“This partnership is extremely important to us”, says David, “and we recognise that the strength of the relationship is based on two key elements — a strong and dynamic portfolio, complemented by a dedicated support structure that regards the customer as king. Hence the customer-focused ethos at Kirkwood Group that concentrates not just on the big-picture issues, but also the simple, straightforward problem areas that are very often neglected”.

On the product side Kirkwood supplies a diversified portfolio of high-quality products, covering key market segments, and at prices that allow for value-for-money retail price points. It is also dynamic, all the time being refreshed with unique product offerings constantly coming on stream.

The Newgrange Living collection has proved phenomenally successful and is now recognised as the leading glass giftware brand in the market. It is affordable yet high quality, and reflects the sector’s newly-emerging trends. For instance, the Rainbow gin and tonic collection is now a “must have” item, especially among younger audiences.

Newgrange Living also includes a full range of tumblers, wine glasses, juice glasses, etc, and the new champagne glasses which are of a unique footless design that come with their own “vase” holder.

The Grange collection is vast and includes occasional furniture, mirrors, lamps, tables, chairs, home décor, household ornaments, gifts etc, again all of excellent quality and at very competitive prices.

The giftware ranges have been totally re-vitalised for this year and come in specially-designed packaging that gives an attractive, distinctive identity that customers are snapping up.

David and the team at Kirkwood look forward to meeting all their trading partners, and some new one, at the forthcoming Fair.

Visit Kirkwood Group & Newgrange Living on stand on F12 & F14!